Chapter 1. Installation

Table of Contents

Manual Installation

Current Version: 3.7.1-1

The easiest way to download/install is using the PPA repository for Ubuntu To do this open a terminal and run the following commands.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chris-debenham/lyricue
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lyricue

If you are not running Ubuntu then choose the release series that is the closest match to your system or install from source

Manual Installation

For installation of Lyricue on non-debian based distributions follow these 4 easy steps.

Note: If you wish to upgrade the process is exactly the same

  1. Make sure you have mysql and perl installed

    Lyricue is written in perl and holds all its data in two mysql databases so you will require perl/mysql to be installed. To download these go to and or just install them from your distributions install disks. Lyricue also requires a few perl modules such as Gtk2, Clutter and DBI.

    These may already be installed or you can install them from CPAN or your install disks.

  2. Download the main Lyricue program

    Lyricue is available at

    Download the source package which will be named lyricue_<version>.tar.gz where '<version>' is the current version.

  3. Extract the files

    To extract the main program run: tar xvfz lyricue_<version>.tar.gz

  4. Install using './configure' and 'make'

    Change into the directory that was created by tar then run:

    $ ./configure
          $ make
          $ make install

    This script will install the program in /usr/bin with the shared components in /usr/share/lyricue and default settings in /etc/lyricue