Chapter 4. Using the Server

Table of Contents

Starting the server manually
Start the server automatically.
Keyboard shortcuts

After configuring lyricue's interface, you should start up the server:

Starting the server manually

By default there is a menu item under Applications labelled Lyricue Server. Click this to load the server.If such a menu item is not available open a terminal, drag it to your second monitor and type lyricue_server. Keep the mouse on that monitor until the server is up and running so that the window manager will place the lyricue server window on the screen where your mouse pointer is. A more long-term solution is creating a shortcut to lyricue server on your second monitor, pointing to /usr/bin/lyricue_display

Start the server automatically.

It can be handy to have lyricue_server load automatically when the user logs in. This might be easier for unexperienced users. How this is done depends on your desktop environment.

Generally you can edit ~/.xinitrc and add

display=:0.1 /usr/bin/lyricue_display &

to just above where your desktop is loaded (generally just above the last line) and then lyricue_server will automatically run on the second screen (for when you are using xinerama) when you login.

Keyboard shortcuts

The server screen understands a number of keyboard shortcuts

  • Left/Page Up - Go to the previous page

  • Right/Page Down - Go to the next page

  • Up/Prior - Go to the previous song

  • Down/Next - Go to the next song

  • 0/b - Blank the screen

  • p - Pause any video

  • Q - Quit the server