Precue was written by Clint Turner
with assistance from Chris Debenham and Mark Clearwater

Current Version :1.10

Released Sat 9 Oct 2010

This application is used as a web/mobile frontend to Lyricue

Why use Precue?

With Precue you can provide users access to your lyricue installation in order to check what songs are available, add/edit/remove playlists and add new songs


  • Now AJAX-ified
  • Add new songs
  • Search for songs/lyrics based on title, artist, number or the lyrics themselves
  • Look up bible verses
  • Display/Create/Add to/Clear Playlists
  • Look up images in media database
  • Run reports to find most/least used songs
  • Run reports to find newly added songs (ie songs added in recent year, useful for CCLI reporting)
  • Create new playlists
  • Add songs to playlists

Precue release announcements

Precue 1.10 released

Precue (the web-based frontend to Lyricue) has been updated to version 1.10

  •     The entire interface has been AJAX-ified
  •     Bible verse functionality now works
  •     Duplicate actions have been fixed