What is Lyricue?
Lyricue is free and open-source application that is used to edit/display song lyrics and passages of text along with images and videos on a second screen/projector.  It was designed for use at live events such as church services, concerts and seminars.

Why use lyricue?
With Lyricue you are not restricted to setting everything up before the event as you can add, remove and change songs on the fly.

You can edit a song while it is up on the screen and quickly show your changes (good for when you notice a misspelling or the singers decide to change the words on you)

You can even type up notes directly to the screen or quickly display a bible verse at an instants notice.

Lyricue 4 Released!

I haven’t gotten around to updating the website in a long time – but be assured that progress is happening 🙂

Lyricue 3.7.2 was the last release of the 3.x series and was released in Feb 2015.

Lyricue 4.0.4 is the first release of the 4.x series and is available in the Ubuntu repository now.

Lyricue 4.x moves lyricue from using the old GTK2 libraries to handle the interface to using GTK3 instead.

At first this doesn’t result in much changing functionally – but with the new libraries will enable new features, simpler behaviour than ever before.

If you have upgraded your system between Ubuntu releases you will need to re-add the repository by running the following in a terminal window.

# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-debenham/lyricue

After doing this you will be able to upgrade to the new release Lyricue 4.x


Lyricue Remote for Android 1.2 released

I finally got around to writing an Android app to connect to Lyricue.
I have uploaded it to the google store and it is available for download now!

Get it on Google Play

At this point most of the basic functionality is implemented such as quick controls, viewing playlists, adding/removing songs from playlists, adding bible verses (but with no page splitting as yet) and even quick access to putting text on the screen or OSD.
Download it now and let me know how it goes 🙂

Source is available at https://github.com/cjd/lyricue-android

Precue 2.0 released

Precue (the web-based frontend to Lyricue) has been updated to version 2.0

  •     Now works with current Lyricue releases

Download the source from www.lyricue.org/archive/precue_2.0.tar.gz
Or install from the PPA – See https://launchpad.net/~chris-debenham/+archive/lyricue for details on how to do this