Lyricue 4.0.7 Release (stable)

The first ‘stable’ release of the Lyricue 4.x series is available now!

With the release of this there is full functionality the same as the old 3.x series.

It also now supports the use of clutter-gst-3.0 for newer Linux distributions.

Updated packages for Ubuntu are available from the package archive at

Source packages are now downloadable directly from github at


2 thoughts on “Lyricue 4.0.7 Release (stable)”

  1. Hello Chris,
    i have updated lyricue to 4.0.8.
    The problem after this update we cannot project video movies (in background or in firstplan).
    I have tested with tree computers, and we still have the same probleme.
    we working with ubuntu 14.04 (last version).
    Do you have any idea ?
    Could you send us a link for dowload an old version ?
    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards


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