• Web interface available – Precue
  • OpenGL accelerated server using Clutter
  • Use any image or video for backgrounds
  • Display text over live video from webcam
  • Play DVD titles directly
  • Runs in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese or Swedish
  • Multiple Playlists
  • All songs kept in a database and so screens are dynamically generated, allowing you to easily change the backdrop, font etc without having to change all the songs
  • Can automatically create screens for bible verses
  • Quick searching for songs
  • Searching by song name or the lyrics themselves
  • Playlist shown as collapsable tree so easy to find wanted page
  • Add/Edit/Remove Songs (even while they are being displayed)
  • Preview a song as you enter it
  • Networkable (ie run interface and server on different machines)
  • Duplicate/Delete individual pages in playlist
  • User access controls
  • User-specific configuration/images (or can all refer to global one)
  • Honourize a song (change ‘jesus’ to ‘Jesus’ etc)
  • Graphical error reporting
  • Spellchecking
  • Change Font/Colours of text on a per-background basis
  • Playlist entries to change background
  • Automatic Page advance
  • Copyright info for songs
  • Can add images/videos/music to playlist
  • Scrolling on-screen display for short messages

Lyricue release announcements

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