If you wish to you can join the lds-devel mailing list (which is for developers) at lds-devel or the lds-users mailing list (which is for users 🙂 at lds-users

Development is done using bazaar inside launchpad so go to to view/access/download the current development code

Debian/Ubuntu packages built from bazaar are also available from the apt repository as lyricue - see

Bug tracking is handled via Launchpad – see

To help with translating go to

Bug tracking

If you find a bug in Lyricue, or have a suggestion on how to make it better you can log a bug via launchpad at

To best assist in determining the problem cause please run the following commands and send the created lyricue_debug.tgz if requested:

$ mysqldump –skip-compact -ulyric lyricDb > lyricDb.sql

$ tar cvfz lyricue_debug.tgz lyricDb.sql ~/.local/share/lyricue

To enable extra debugging run lyricue with the ‘-d’ option and capture the terminal output (this will show sql commands run)