Lyricue 4.0.12 Release (stable)

A number of bug fixes have been made over the last few months but I kept forgetting to post about them.
The list of fixes is:
* More font dialog fixes
* Ubuntu 14.04 fixes
* Fix for lp#1663401 – Can’t change font size, color, or style in Lyricue 4.0.9
* Fix font colour configuration dialogs
* Set default songnumber when adding song (needed for newer mysql)
* make desktop files valid
* make NAME section of the manpage valid
* Don’t install INSTALL
* Use help: instead of ghelp
* Fix video playback when using clutter-gst < 3
* Move tabs to be vertical and on the side
* Use yelp for help (change from Jeremy Bicha)
* Fix clutter-gst-2.0 build

Updated packages for Ubuntu are available from the package archive at

Source packages are now downloadable directly from github at

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